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International Procurement (IPL) now part of the DMI Group and owned by DMI Young and Cunningham Ltd, provides its fastgrowing global customer-base with advanced valve and control solutions, backed by world-class manufacturing and products.

Based in the North East of England since 2003 to provide critical and severe service, isolation and control technology, IPL is constantly extending its product range to serve global process markets. It has won accredited distributorships and established close working relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers of:

  • Valves & Severe Service Valves 
  • Steam Traps
  • Instrumentation
  • Level Gauging
  • Electrical/Pneumatic Actuators
  • Accessories, such as Mounting Kits, Gearboxes etc.

IPL has the technical ability to offer Total Isolation and Control solutions to ensure each customer gets the full benefits of consistent process quality, safe and efficient operation and high productivity.

Customers also benefit from on-going investment in four advanced facilities at the company’s UK headquarters: –

• A manufacturing unit fully equipped to pre-fabricate complex and complete assemblies.

• Our Lloyds Approved Bronze Foundry and Pattern Stocks.

• The customisation of individual items of equipment to meet customer stringent specifications.

• A spacious warehouse, with a sophisticated computerised ordering system, to handle the large and complex inventory necessary to respond instantly to the needs of a global customer base.

About us

World Class Products Supplied Globally

Process companies throughout the world have discovered that IPL is a single source for best-value valve and process technologies and the supply, maintenance and  management of critical and severe service isolation solutions

IPL is a UK and European distributor for Copeland Valve Manufacturers of Houston Texas USA . www.Copeland.com The emphasis placed on USA and leading  manufacture in critical and severe service isolation solutions and valve manufacturing offering up to Zero Leakage options.
A welcome Guarantee for valve applications in the power and process industries.
Other world-leading manufacturers supplied in
IPL’s uniquely powerful portfolio of products include:-

Velan: who are a world leading manufacturer of a wide range of cast and forged steel steam and air traps, highly-engineered severe service valves and bonnet less valves. IPL hold very large stocks of Piping King spares and we can undertake repair and service of steam traps and associated valves, utilising original spares.

Heat and Steam Technology Companies
We work with the world’s leading heat and steam products’ manufacturers and suppliers. Including our sister companies specialising in Heat Exchangers. Products include level gauging, boiler equipment and heat exchangers/coolers and are used where steam energy is generated and processed for industrial manufacture. The company’s strength lies in the area o

Vortex: specialises in providing innovative valve solutions for the dry bulk industry. Patented Vortex valves are proven to provide the best available solutions for  handling bulk foods, plastics, chemicals, minerals and aggregates. Vortex slide gates, diverters and Iris valves incorporate unique design features that enable them to maximise production efficiency, eliminate material leakage and increase service life.

HH Valves are the only company manufacturing the genuine Hattersley Heaton design of Cast Steel Gate, Globe and Check Valves to the requirements of BS EN ISO9001 and the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. The business serves the oil, gas and petrochemical industry as well as the steam and hot water side of the power generation industry.

Instrumentation: including flow level, pressure and temperature applications among a full range of measurement and control equipment for the process industries.

Specialist Services

As its product range and customer base have expanded, IPL has constantly consulted with its customers and worked with them to develop advanced technical services that meet their needs for fast, cost-efficient solutions in crucial areas of their business.

IPL guarantee that customers get technical support worthy of world-class products through our achieved accreditations for quality, business processes and performance including:

  •  The industry standard quality awards
    approved by Lloyds of London ISO 9001
  • British Valve and Actuator Association

We work both with our own group of sister companies plus many fabulous partner companies to bring the highest quality products and best prices to the market. Our Administration staff and teams of highly trained and qualified engineers and technicians have acquired a range of accredited training awards and skills through both external and in house programmes.

  • Energy Loss Management Services:
    IPL’s flagship programme uses the following 3-stage process to stop steam and/or compressed air systems leaking money and wasting energy: – Phase 1: a high-tech survey; Phase 2: planned repair/replacement; Phase 3: on-going condition monitoring.
  • Steam Trap and Valve Surveys: the latest ultrasonic and thermodynamic equipment is used to carry out a steam trap and valve survey that quantifies steam losses from faulty traps.
  • Compressed Air Surveys: while compressed air is commonly regarded as a ‘low cost energy’, it is estimated that 10% of all industrial energy is used to produce compressed air. This is not so surprising, when the cost of cooling, drying, preparing and distributing the air is considered alongside the major cost of operating  the compressor.

All of these initiatives allow IPL to provide its global customers with the fastest and most effective solutions to their
specific process problems.

Industrial Sectors


Fossil Fuel

Pulp & Paper

Iron & Steel

Food & Drink


Hydrocarbon Refinery



Oil & Gas Production

Nuclear Generation


Severe Service Valves

3-PC Severe Service Metal Seated
Ball Valve, BV3 Series

Zero Leakage Severe Service Ball Valve in a 3 PC Design. For use in the high temperature, high pressure and abrasive conditions found in Petroleum, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas,Power Generation, Pulp and Paper and Mining.

Features include an oversized/blow-out proof stem, carbide sealing areas and fire safe design. They come in a variety of end connections including swe, threaded and butt weld. Sizes to 1/2″ to 4″. Available in CF8M (316ss) and A216-WCB. In Stock and well priced.

Copeland Quality Policy
Our Goal is to continuously improve product quality, the productivity of our people and service to our customers. We will achieve our goal through the adoption of a
system of procedures that reflects the competence of our company.         John Simmons, CEO/President

Made in America

IPL are very proud to represent and distribute Copeland Valves in :- U.K. Ireland and Europe.

Their history and contributions to the metal seated ball valve industry is admirable . Copeland Industries are one of the few manufacturers that has continuously provided metal seated products of only the highest quality for over 60 years.

Copeland have worked as a consultant to some of the world’s most dominant valve manufacturers and some of the lessor ones as well.

You will find simple, well thought out and proven solutions for abrasive and high pressure services.

They do not make wild promises
at Copeland.
They do, however, promise
exceptional results.

Valves & Actuators for all Process Applications

IPL offer a wide range of valves and actuatorsfor the process sector from most of the leading manufacturers. IPL can provide critical service and management solutions to vital industries providing a strong global presence, technological knowledge and engineering expertise. Backed by many of the industry’s leading and trusted brands. IPL has the capability to deliver complete valve solutions for major projects in all of the sectors shown on the Industrial Sectors page supported by strict quality control  procedures to ensure that every specialist application is checked at all stages of the project.


  • Body and cover.
  • Precision machined casting
  • Exclusive: Disc shaft does not penetrate body.
  • Body and cover joint.
  • Accurately machined, fully-enclosed gasket


  • Designed to ASME B16.34 Standard
    Class and Special Class
  • Pressure classes 1690, 2850 &
  • Pressure seal design
  • Butt-weld end & socket-weld end
  • Forged carbon steel and carbonalloy
    steel construction: ASTM
    A105N, ASTM A182 Gr. F22 &
    ASTM A182 Gr F91
  • Size Range – 1/2“ to 4”



  • Positive shutoff with visual
    or remote proof of seat
  • No product contamination
    due to absolute tightness.
  • Dual seating. Elastomer-tometal
    seat plus metal-tometal
    secondary seal.
  • Fire safe. The metal-tometal
    seat ensures
    tightness if the secondary
    elastomer seat is damaged
    during the fire.
  • PTFE seat insert resists
    corrosive media, has high
    abrasion resistance, and
    operates up to +400°F
  • Seat hardfaced with SS
    410 and seal welded.

STEAM Traps, Measurement and Technical Equipment

Steam Traps

Essential components in every steam system, steam traps are automatic valves that maximize efficiency by removing condensate and air from the flow while trapping the steam to prevent heat loss.

When they are working effectively, so is the steam system. If they are neglected, they can leak steam and money at an alarming rate. Experts estimate that up to 50% of traps will leak steam in a plant without a monitoring and repair programme – and just one leaking trap can cost hundreds of pounds in wasted energy.

Storage tank heating, sterilizers, cookers, dry kilns, water heaters, greenhouse coils, fuel oil heaters, drip legs,
drum dryers, platen
presses, tyre
moulds, steam
tracing and
instrument cabinet


  • Screwed
  • Socket-weld
  • Butt-weid
  • Flanged

The Piping King package unit fitted with a bypass, enables the steam trap to be isolated from the system allowing routine maintenance to be carried out. Two high- quality bonnet less forged steel special stop globe valves mounted on either side of the trap. The valves are connected by the bypass pipe, enabling the steam trap to be isolated while the steam flow is maintained. Piping King units are used extensively in power station marine and similar applications where continuous operation is essential during routine maintenance.

IPL hold the worldwide remaining stocks of spares for the Double Seated Valves for Piping King units. We are able to repair and overhaul your units. The Piping King has now been superseded by Velan’s new designs with a Forged Navy Bimetallic Steam Trap with By-pass valve. We can supply these if a replacement / exchange becomes necessary.

IPL can offer a wide range of measuring products developed by internationally renowned
manufacturers’ dedicated to the process industry including the following:

  • Flow Measurement
  • Pressure Measurement
  • Temperature Measurement
  • Level Measurement
  • Chart and Video graphic Recorders
  • Process Controllers and Indicators

DMI Group acquired, International Procurement Ltd in February 2018. The new business was renamed IPL and made into a trading name working under the umbrella of DMI Young and Cunningham Ltd . IPL continues to trade with the original founding staff and offers its customers severe service valves , steam valves, measurement equipment and ancillaries and products from its sister companies. All types of valves and strainers are supplied . Repairs can be carried out to all valves including Piping  King Valve sets, utilizing original spares. Vortex slide gate valves and spares are available on quick turnarounds.

The Y&C factory and foundry is based in North Shields. Telephone 0191 270 4690

Young & Cunningham manufactures, stocks and distributes valves and fluid control systems from our North Shields facility where we offer all services.

The name of Young & Cunningham can trace its history back to 1924 and remains one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of fluid control equipment.

The policy of the company which has not changed since its inception is to take a personal interest in the fluid handling  problems of our customers, whether technical or operational, and assist in the selection and supply of the correct valves by our specialist staff.

For more than 30 years, Vortex Valves has
been dedicated to the development of innovative
equipment to maximise production efficiency,
eliminate leakage and increase working life in the
handling of dry bulk goods such as foods, plastics,
chemicals, minerals and aggregates.

The core Vortex product range comprises:-

  • Pneumatic conveying slide gates
  • Gravity flow slide gates
  • Pneumatic conveying diverters
  • Gravity flow diverters
  • Engineered solutions
  • Iris valves


A core group of nine (9) businesses all operating wholly independently , six (6) are located in Europe and three (3) are located in USA .Four (4) Directors make up the Management Board Team and around 200 employees run the day to day business.

Our people are skilled , dedicated and approachable. We care very passionately about Customer service and always providing excellent products at fair and reasonable prices.

The Group historically carried out Chrome Plating for Major Motor Manufacturers and Engine builders. Many Blue Chip Customers are serviced regularly and our businesses are ISO accredited. We also supply Government concerns including Nuclear and Non Nuclear Power Stations, British Navy and US Coastguard with valves,  strainers and heat exchangers.

We are used to working to exacting customer’s needs. DMI now heavily focuses on Manufacture of Valves and Heat Exchangers for Industrial and Marine needs. We own a Lloyd’s approved bronze foundry in N.E. England where we pour our  own materials and produce valves and castings for our own use and customer’s requirements.

We have effective repair teams in all of the businesses and can repair as well as manufacture Heat Exchangers, Valves and associated equipment. www.dmiglobal.com +44 (0) 191 257 5577

About AMI
We have been designing and manufacturing bespoke heat exchangers for over 25 years in our purpose built factory in Hartlepool, UK. Our prime focus is rapid turnaround of replacement exchangers using high quality materials as an alternative to the inflexible and expensive original units. We are able to cross reference original  designs using our vast database of over 20,000 records and we hold tens of thousands of design drawings.

In rare circumstances where we do not hold sufficient information, we will send our engineers to your location in order to obtain the necessary design data. This service is almost always free of charge.

Our factory has excellent transport links by road, rail, air and sea and with our experience of exporting to almost any global destination, we can help remove the logistical problems associated with transport and customs. www.ami-exchangers.co.uk +44 (0) 1429 860 187

About Spiro-Gills
Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd is the only UK company to provide a full bespoke air cooled heat exchanger solution, manufacturing all of its own parts, including applied and welded finned tubes from our extensively equipped Stafford factory. We employ a highly skilled workforce as well as thermal and mechanical design  engineers to enable us to design cutting edge heat recovery solutions for our customers. Originally formed in 1945 we now have over 60 years of product archives and experience . The only UK company to manufacture Welded, Applied and Extruded Finned Tubes. Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd has the ability to manufacture high  specification tubes from 19.05mm to 219mm diameter for use in Process / Engine Coolers, B oilers and Furnaces. Using Spiro-Gills Thermal Products Ltd to manufacture your finned tubes will guarantee that you receive a high quality product, delivered on time and at a highly competitive price. www.spiro-gills.com (44) 01785 254554







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